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Tax Services

We provide personal and corporate tax services to businesses in several industries ranging from construction, retail, technology, hospitality, transportation, and medical,  operating as start-ups, and small and medium-size companies.

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Accounting Services

For over 15 years we have been supporting Foreign Investors in Albania with accounting and bookkeeping. Among our long-standing clients, there are companies from Europe (among others: Germany, Italy, Spain), and Canada. We provide accounting, tax and payroll services for companies in such industries as: IT, Storage and Handling services, Pharmaceuticals and many others.

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Payroll & HR Services

Need help in local payroll preparation. Our payroll and HR advisors are experts in local legislation. From consultancy to payroll calculations and pay-slip delivery our team will assist in your requirement based on your company’s pay cycle frequency.

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The Auditing Services

Audits are a necessary and important part of a company’s financial health and well-being. Audits are particularly important for shareholders and lenders as well as consumers and suppliers. We provide assistance for audit, internal control, audit of NGO Project reports, etc.

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Legal Services

Our legal partners provide our clients with comprehensive legal services both domestically and in the region. Most common services provided include, business law, company registration, commercial transactions, domiciliation, litigation, representation, property management, etc.

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Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance professionals will provide you with detailed financial reports to help your company towards growing profitable product and customer combinations.

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Our dedicated team of expert consultants bring their extensive breadth of experience to ensure that you have accurate and reliable information at your fingertips, which is why we have a combination of expert professionals and qualified team to ensure that each of our clients receives a high professional service.




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